Business Development Manager



核心經營團隊有多年的數位廣告技術開發及數據處理經驗,為國內早期開發程序化購買 (Programmatic buying) 相關技術 (Real Time Bidding) 團隊,著重在人工智能 (AI) 推薦系統 (Recommendation Engine)。團隊組成來自世界級研究型大學,包括 CMU 、Univ. of Michigan、Columbia Univ、台灣大學等。


廣告數據交換 (Ad Exchange) 平台客戶涵蓋美國、台灣、香港、新加坡、馬來西亞、澳洲、印度及中國等。

ucfunnel is an AIaaS company, focusing on ad/mar-tech. Starting from 2015, the core team built end-to-end media marketing solutions, from bidder, Ad Exchange, SSP, DMP, to smart SDK. ucfunnel helps partners for data-driven marketing. ucX, ucfunnel Ad Exchange, covers majority of APAC, including India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and also United States. The inventory includes display, in-app, VAST/outstream video, w/ PMP supported.


#Job Description

  • Responsible for building & maintaining partnerships with international publishers
  • Plan and attend for overseas trade fair & exhibition events.
  • Good sales skills and enjoy learning up-to-date technology
  • Strategic thinking and regular discussion with platform team
  • Interest in AI & Machine Learning and would go the extra mile for data driven biz


  • Enjoy fast growing startup business
  • Experience in digital marketing