Frontend Developer 前端工程師 (IoT, Cloud Service)

[Job Description]
• Develop and maintain the frontend of IoT platform website.
• Track and resolve software defects to maintain functional integrity
• Design, develop and implement enterprise scale solutions to support the organization's business strategy and goals and scalable to adapt as the company grows
• Work closely with our business product owners and management team to fully understand requirements, provide feedback, and request clarification as needed
• Work with other engineers to deliver code on an ongoing basis
[Technical Skill and Experience Requirements]
• 2+ years experience of frontend (user interface) development
• Familiar with VueJS/ReactJS, CSS, HTML, HTTP and front-end tech stacks
• Familiar with software development fundamentals, including testing, troubleshooting, github
[Nice to Have Skills and Experience]
• Experience with responsive UI development (mobile and browser)
• Experience with cross-browser compatibility techniques.
• Experience with real time data loading front end development.
• Your own github/blog to show portfolio.
[Keys to Success]
• Respect coding convention, language standard syntax, documentation.
• Proactive, good interpersonal, researching and problem-solving skill.
• Team player and able to work independently.
• Loves trying out new technologies and sharing with team what problems do the new technologies address. All kinds of "new technologies" is welcomed, from FP-like languages (e.g. ReasonML, PureScript, Elm), CSS-in-JS implementations, Data-loading mechanisms (e.g. Relay, Apollo), to experience sharing on using certain components, or webpack plugins / linter configs / codemods / boilerplates that improves developer experience (DX).
[Employee Benefit]
◆ 自由時間和環境
◆ 公司分紅與獎金
◆ 特休假(優於勞基法)/福利假/生日假
◆ 定期公司聚餐