Intenrational Sales and Marketing, Associate Specialist


【職務名稱】 Intenrational Sales and Marketing, Associate Specialist

【需求人數】 1人 

【職務類別】 Sales and Marketing


- Develop sales strategies for products under your responsibility. 
- Manage relationships with channel partners from both designer products and designer furniture market segments. 
- Develop new business opportunities with domestic and international resellers and retailers. 
- Develop, manage and maintain relationships with domestic and international media. 
- Develop and implement web-based sales strategies and sales systems. 
- Oversee logistics and shipping for products under your responsibility.


【管理責任】 非管理職,無需負擔管理責任 

【上班地點】 台北市中山區安東街16巷34號B1    

【是否出差】 需出差,一年累積時間約1~2個月內 



-  商學院相關科系畢者佳

-  科系限制: 市場行銷相關、一般商業學類

-  具備良好的英文書寫與溝通能力,具備英語系國家生活經驗或工作經驗尤佳

- 有在品牌公司擔任Sales 經驗者佳



-  喜歡設計,並認同品展的理念

-  認真、負責、抗壓性強,有良好的自律能力

-  具備能主動學習,獨立思考,自行解決問題者

-  具備良好的溝通能力,能團隊合作者

-  具備策略性思考、邏輯推理能力




- Superior command of written English. Experience living and working in an English-speaking environment a plus.
- Passion for design, and belief in the core purpose of Pinzaan. 
- Self-disciplined, self-motivated, and responsible.
- Willingness to learn, ability to think and solve problems independently. 
- Strong inter-personal communication skills. 
- Ability to think strategically and logically. 

- Min. undergraduate degree from university or accredited college in related area of study. 
- Min. 1-3 years work experience in international sales. 
- Native command of both written and spoken English. 
- Experience with international sales negotiation a plus.


【薪資福利】 薪資面議,享勞健保 團保

【截止日期】 2013年8月1日 


-  職務聯絡人:林飛比先生 

-  聯絡