HPC Linux Kernel Developer 軟體工程師

WASAI Technology 偉薩科技


偉薩科技 WASAI Technology 專注在 Big data 軟硬體整合優化解決方案。核心技術為大數據資料處理加速引擎,包含優化資料處理程式 (Apache Hadoop™與Apache Spark™),以及大數據資料處理專用加速晶片平台 (FPGA),並進一步結合FPGA之硬體加速,與程式平台優化的軟硬整合技術。

偉薩科技核心創業團隊擁有13+年技術開發之經驗,分別來自 IBM、聯發科技等大型國際企業,擁有高度專業及豐富產業經驗。對於IC設計、分散式軟硬體協同運算以及伺服器產業有深厚的基礎與瞭解,擁有獨特技術之產品,成為少數擁有研發巨量資料軟硬體核心技術的大數據產業之一員。偉薩科技也成為台灣雲谷雲豹育成第四屆 17家育成創新之一,正與全球各大科技公司進行合作!





  • Experiences in high-speed I/O bus or storage system design and performance optimization
  • Linux Kernel, Driver development
  • Server-related system software development
  • Product development of Big Data platform with system and machine knowledge
  • Dig into deep side of big data systems and infrastructure core technologies
  • You will join a growing team of software engineering professionals and have a real opportunity to have your software solutions embraced and to demonstrate your coaching and mentoring skills
  • There is enormous potential for you to carve out a long-term career path   within this market leading organization where you will have an access to the latest kit and work in an established, happy and sizable team of developers
  • This position would suit an experienced engineer with a positive and people-focused approach to tasks who can encourage and help lead other engineers through development work and code reviews
  • An element of this position will involve interfacing with product management and solution architecture departments


You MUST have

  • CS, EE or related Bachelor or Master degree.
  • Familiar with C/C++
  • Familiar with Linux Kernel or Device Drivers

Nice to have

  • High speed I/O, e.g. PCIe, SAS, SATA, USB, HDMI, SSD, NVMe, etc.
  • Open Source project experience
  • Git/Maven/Ant
  • Enthusiastic about working in a growing startup company


  • 績效獎金、定期調薪 
  • 彈性工時 
  • 無上限零食 
  • 創新開放的工作環境 
  • 培訓課程、職涯規劃、多方位專長培養 
  • 實習生表現優良直接轉正職,畢業即就業 
  • 符合勞基法之勞健保、6%勞退 
  • 週休二日 
  • 慶生下午茶會